Monday, June 07, 2004

Momma Loves Da eBay!

It's pathetic, this addiction to eBay. There's GOT to be a 12 step program somewhere for this stuff. There ought to be a law against making all this cool "stuff" available to someone like me - a person with a serious shopping problem. It's not like I am a shopaholic or anything. I don't live in the stores trolling for cool clothes and shoes (OK I LOVE shoes, but I don't shop for them). I am just addicted to STUFF and eBay plays into that.

I love collectibles. Not those pansy Precious Moments or Hummels or anything - I love cool stuff. Transportation china - you know like from oceanliners, trains and airlines. Stuff marked with the name of the ship line, airline, RR, etc. The problem is that I can't seem to decide just WHAT I want to collect. Lately it's been a fascination with ashtrays. No, not the little guy peeing into a catus or anything - ashtrays from transportation from days gone by. I mean, hey - you can't smoke in public anymore. They're making it illegal. Maybe they'll be worth something someday. So I like the ashtrays (china mostly, not glass) from commercial transportation. Egg cups are cool, too. Who knew they even made those things? I certainly didn't before eBay.

Which brings me back to my original point. It's all C's fault. He introduced me to eBay in the first place. Of course I had heard about it - we have a few friends that work in IT systems for them out in CA. But it wasn't until last fall that C. showed me that we had an eBay account- right before Christmas for cryin' out loud! Presents anyone? Apparantly C had never used the account because he has a healthy fear of me - which is a good thing. The problem is that I have NO fear of myself....there's no checks & balances system in place.

So there is eBay, flashing all that cool stuff in my face. It was OK when my eBay activity only consisted of searching for a Jaromir Jagr jersey for myself (I fantacize about him regularly, but that's a post for another time). Then I expanded my horizons a bit to include other Jagr memorabilia. Still no problem, right? C. knows about my obsession. And then along came the holidays. Well OF COURSE eBay was the perfect place to do some Christmas shopping. Who can argue with inexpensive gifts and fantastic deals? C. certainly can't. His whole Christmas consisted of eBay merchandise - VERY cool stuff I might add.

It has snowballed from there. After a business trip to Long Beach, CA in January, it occurred to me that I might run into some of the china from the Queen Mary (that I had fallen in love with after touring her on my trip) on the dastardly site. Guess what? SCORE! Then I looked for china from other ship lines, then other forms of transportation, then.....ARGH! You see? I'm hooked. At least I admit the problem. To face your addiction is the first step to a cure right? Unfortunately for our bank account - I don't WANT to be cured. I shudder to think how much I have spent on that stupid site since last fall. It's just too cool to find vintage stuff, click a few buttons (I admit sometimes I get carried away with the whole bidding/competetion thing - drinking and eBay DON'T mix!!) and it comes to your house. What could be easier?

The good news is that I found a new addiction today. Selling. It's about time we got rid of all this clutter around here. Another man's they say. I am getting a kick out of seeing how many "watchers" I have. Even got a question from a potential bidder today. Cool. Beats the hell out of a yard sale. I speak from experience. We've had 2. What a horrendous thing to endure. There are not many worse things than dragging all of your junk (personal junk, though - stuff with memories attached) onto your lawn for the herd to examine. You're really laying your soul on the line because you KNOW those people are judging you by your junk. "Good Lord, look at those ! Can you believe they LIVE this way?!" And of course you put it in the paper for a 9am start time with NO early-birds...only to have some old goat on your doorstep ringing the bell at 6am to find out if you have any lawn mowers for sale. And the negotiating. PLEASE....don't you think a full complete set of queen sheets with matching drapes, dust ruffle and pillow covers that cost $450 new and is only 6 months old is WORTH the $5 price? Why must you offer me $1 and be offended and nasty if I refuse?

So eBay is good. I am happily addicted. It could be worse, right?


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