Monday, April 14, 2014

Putting Our House on the Market By the Numbers

1 Dog has become incontinent (requiring medication) and another has decided to start marking her territory by peeing in my craft room.  Yes, I said HER.

2 Dogs are blowing their coats - the tufts of hair are rolling across the hardwood floors like tumbleweeds

3 ceilings need painting

4 Living Social deals for House Cleaning....none of them are for companies in our area

5 days a week we work to afford all of this and are too tired to work on the house

6 people in our family, but 3 have moved out to go to college.  So why didn't they take all their crap?

7 texts received from our realtor asking if we are ready to take pictures for the listing

8 times we have asked the kid across the street to finish cutting our back yard

9 boxes of clothes marked "too small, may wear again" that need to go to the garage (really, some day I will lose the baby weight - he's only 8)

10 glasses of wine I will have consumed before Wednesday

You do the math

Name: Cattiva
Location: Virginia, United States

About Me: I'm the mom of three: #1 Son (20), The Princess of Wails (17) and their baby brother - The Baby (6). I was a grad-student working on an MA in history until we were surprised - I mean blessed - with The Baby. I'll get back to it...someday (the thesis, not the kid - I have no choice concerning the kid). I am one of only a few people I went to school with who is actually using their history degree in my career (and to think my Father called it Basket-weaving!). I live a very hectic life amongst massive clutter. I call it a good day if we have managed to get home at night without losing one of the kids (no matter how hard I try!). Friends say I have a humorous take on life's happenings. The sad part is that what I write about is true. I laugh to keep from crying.

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