Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy VD

I don't have any statistics to back it up, but I venture to say that more Americans have sex on this day than any other. One could therefore assume that more venereal disease is passed on this day than any other.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Plural = More Than One?

For some reason bigamy has been on my mind lately. If you are my Hubby and reading this, do not worry, I am not looking to raise (ahem) I mean marry another man.

I am out of town all this week on business (in Baltimore - shoot me an email if you are in the area) and snowed in. Being stuck in the hotel is not so bad, really - it's a great hotel (don't tell my family, I'm looking for sympathy). But, between the Court TV website, People Magazine and tonight's episode of Primetime, I've been innundated with news about plural marriages.

I cannot, for the life of me, watch (or read) an interview with a male bigamist and take anything he says seriously. I mean really, it's not about sex? It's not about getting a younger wife when you feel like it? It amazes me that these guys can spout their doctrine with a straight face.

Worse yet are the views of the women and girls. They feel they are meant to be RULED by their men. The interview I saw tonight was enough to make me ralph up my steak dinner (I mean cold gruel). When asked how they would feel if their husband chose another wife, the answer was that they would be honored. Their life was meant to serve their man (that's totally paraphrased, but I'm too lazy, and disgusted to type the whole quote). When asked how many wives their future husband should have, every one of those girls answered, "as many as he wants."

At first I was sickened, but then I got to thinking that maybe the best thing for these men IS to let them have as many wives as they want, as long as they live with ALL their wives and children, ALL the time. If you are a woman who has lived for any length of time with other women, you know one phenomenon of nature. Eventually everyone is on the same schedule.

I'm thinking that being stuck in close quarters with say- 7 or 8 "sister wives," plus say 9 or 12 teenage daughters...and well, you probably get the picture.

Poetic justice.

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