Monday, March 30, 2009

Mean Girls

So I've reluctantly gotten into this Facebook craze. Trust me, for MONTHS I resisted. Several of my seasoned friends (we don't say "OLD," we say seasoned) had been relentlessly bugging the crap out of me to "get a facebook." I have had all kinds of rational reasons why that would never happen - people lose their jobs, there are some people I probably don't want to find, etc. etc.

I finally bit the proverbial bullet about a month ago while doing a "routine sweep" of #1 Son's page. Yes, the kids are on the computer (Facebook and MySpace "respectively"), but the rule is that at any time C. or I can have them log-on to their account and turn the keyboard over to us so we can read everything. Hey, when they pay for their own high-speed connection, they can plead "privacy" issues. Call it our checks & balances system.

But I digress...

So I was on #1 Sons account one night and I looked up several of my old...uh, seasoned friends. Turned out that this Facebook thing is pretty cool. So I joined. I added like 6 friends (the people who had been pestering me to join).

Within days, I had all these friend requests from former high school classmates. How cool was this?!

"Oh, I remember him! I haven't seen him since graduation, how the heck is he doing? ADD."

"Man, I haven't seen him since our 15 year reunion! We should catch up! ADD."

"It's her! He were such good friends in school - us against the world. Too bad we grew apart! ADD."

"Yay! She was so popular in school and I loved that she always made time for me. Add."

"Wow. I didn't know that she even knew who I was. Add."

"Yeah. She never really spoke to me during our whole 3 years in HS. add."

"Um...she was a witch to me for three miserable years. Why in God's name has she now added me as a friend on Facebook? ...add...I guess."

"Dear Lord, you were the snootiest, most hateful, stuck up chick (with the biggest hair) who only wore designer clothes and looked down on 98% of us....Uh...Ignore."

My friends, I hypothesize that the number of "Facebook friends" that the "popular High School crowd" has, directly correlates with how miserable and insecure they are in adulthood. It's all about quantity rather than quality. But then again, hasn't it always been?


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