Tuesday, June 08, 2004

To Play Or Not To Play....

What is it with the lottery? Is it basic human nature to dream of winning? It seems we all talk about it a lot. When I was working in the cube-farm, there were major discussions about how one would quit after winning. Do you call your boss and tell the company to shove it before, or after the trip to claim your prize? What would you do with the winnings? When would you tell your friends and family? WOULD you tell your friends and family?! Invest? Spend? Buy a huge house? Travel? Wow. Decisions, decisions.

It was pointed out to me recently that one must actually PLAY to win the lottery. I suppose that makes sense. I certainly don't want to be one of "those" people, though. You've seen them in line in the convenience stores and gas stations. You've probably been stuck behind them as they plunk down their $100 (at $1 per play). The ones with the "lottery kit" - plastic envelopes with all their tickets, slips and even their own official "lottery pencil." You know the type. It's obvious that they play every week (or more). What better way to spend the retirement fund? It's an investment, right? So I certainly don't want to be seen as a fool with a pipe dream. I have friends that make fun of "those" people (and me on the rare occasion that I actually play)...like they don't secretly fantasize about winning the big prize! Humph! But what if.... I mean SOMEONE has to win right? Why couldn't it be me? What if it was MY time and I missed out because of some preconceived notions and prejudice? Could I live with myself if *MY* numbers actually came up and I didn't play?

So it's up to something like 71 million. I usually don't play unless it's over 100 mil, but C. wants me to buy a ticket tonight. Maybe he has a feeling. The problem is that he wants me to play the numbers of our favorite hockey players. Well, 68 is not an option. Guess I'll play the birthdays.

Speaking of hockey: The Lightning won Lord Stanley's Cup last night. Good for them! I called that one after the Bruins (my second favorite team) lost in the first round. "Tampa Bay all the way!" It was a great game - game 7 down to the wire. I personally don't think it's natural to have a hockey team in Florida, but there are stranger things in the world of sports. And it was better than a Canadian team taking home the cup. They're cocky enough about the sport to begin with. Funny coming from a country who's national sport is curling.



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