Monday, August 30, 2004

Stupid is as Stupid Does

As usual, current events have preempted the post I was going to write tonight. After watching the Olympics until my eye-balls glazed over for two weeks straight, I was a bit spent by the time the marathon was on yesterday. Seriously my friends, I felt like I had run the damned race myself. Make fun if you must, but getting off the sofa every now and then to pop another bag of popcorn is hard work. Imagine my surprise when some yahoo runs out, grabs the front-runner and pushes him off the course into the crowd. What the heck was that?

This incident was funny for so many reasons. First I swear I actually heard a commentator speculate about whether it was a terrorist or not. Huh? Of all the things terrorists might plan to pull during the Olympics, I don't think that was it. The next guess was a protester. Exactly what was he protesting? What has Brazil ever done to anyone (that was a rhetorical question, OK)? And finally, I thought it was rather interesting that all of the video footage I saw cut off as soon as the runner & attacker hit the crowd. I can only imagine that the networks cut out the part where the crowd got their hands on the attacker and beat the living crap out of him.

This story got even funnier today when I saw more information about this guy on the news. Apparently he has a "history of disrupting sporting events." Huh? He has a "history?" His mother must be so proud. They proceeded to show this guy walking out onto the pit road of a Formula One race in England. The cars coming in at like 100 miles an hour were dodging him. Here's a clue for anyone hosting a major sporting event: post a picture of this guy at every entrance and DON'T let him in.

The guy got a fine of like $3,600 and a year's probation. I'm glad they didn't throw him in jail. Social Darwinism will eventually solve this problem. He wasn't hit by a race car. He escaped a probable near fatal beating in Greece. Eventually his luck is going to run out. Perhaps he's planning something really big for his next trick. I say give him free tickets to a women's softball tourney or something.


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