Friday, August 20, 2004

7 Days Down

I've you've been reading, you know that I am addicted to the Olympics. It hasn't always been this way. In fact, when I was younger I resented the preempting of my regularly scheduled re-runs. Oh sure, I have witnessed my fair share of Olympic history in my day. I saw the Miracle on Ice in 1980 and remember it clearly. Of course I only watched the last period, but I remember the win. I even remember Mark Spitz winning his final record gold. Bruce Jenner? Saw it. Nadia? Caught that one. As the years go by, however, I have gotten more and more spell bound by the whole thing. The last several Olympic Games have found me glued to the television.

As I said, when I was younger my viewing tastes were rather narrow. I leaned toward the more popular events like figure skating and gymnastics. Now I'm not so choosy. I'll watch anything. Cycling, volleyball, swimming, diving and on and on. In the winter I loved snowboarding. Curling? Well, I still don't get it (my apologies to my Canadian friends, but honestly how many of them get it either?) but I watch it if there's coverage. SO with all that said, here are some of my observations after 7 days of Olympic coverage:

1 -Event commentators are either morons or brutal. What really made this stick out in my mind were the interviews after the US "women" won silver in the gymnastics team competition. Women in quotes because after all, most of these athletes are practically children. Prime examples of the brutality go something like: "You all were in the lead through most of the competition, but too many mistakes on simple skills cost you in the end. How do you feel?" and "Kari you were fantastic in the prelims but your performance in the finals wasn't up to par. How do you feel about that?" Well I don't know Madam Commentator, how the hell do you think they feel? They'll be reliving those little mistakes for years.

2 - Gold medal winners that attempt to mouth the words of the national anthem in the medal ceremony yet have no clue what those words actually are deserve a beatdown with an American flag and it's long pole. If you don't know the words, don't attempt to sing it. The world is watching.

3 - Svetlana the Russian shotputter is scary. So are her teammates.

4- I usually hate the media as a general rule. I hate the sports media even more for starting all that "Spitz hype" in relation to Michael Phelps. What Spitz did was phenomenal. If they hadn't put so much pressure on Phelps (a 19 year old kid, I might add), maybe he would have all those golden disks to call his own. A pox on them as well for being disappointed in him. He's had a phenomenal games and is still going. Swim Mikey swim! To hell with the media.

5 - Speaking of Phelps, what a neat kid. I do like him and am pulling for him. But the Thorpedo of Australia wears a size 17 (SEVENTEEN!) shoe. Ladies, are you with me?

6 - The American male gymnast in the individual all-around that wasn't Paul Hamm had the support of his wife in the stands. He has a wife that's not named Bob or Joe? Who knew?

7 - Synchronized Diving? OK, well I suppose there's more of a point there than in synchronized swimming. And since many of the competitors also compete individually in the more traditional diving events I guess I'm cool with it.

8 - I love beach volleyball. I try not to because I am an Olympic purist and tend to look down on all new and semi-new sports, but I really like this one. Of course I love volleyball in general. Speaking of which - what the heck is UP with the US women's team?? The Dominican Republic??!?!? HELLO? They're either really hot or really not. Stupid plays are killing them. It's like they are bi-polar or schizophrenic or something. They get a groove going and then blow it. I hope they know they are killing me. It's a must win against Cuba on Sunday or they're out. Cuba is the defending two-time Olympic championship team. *IF* by some grace of God the US earns a medal in these games, they definitely will have done it the hard way.

9 - Trampoline?!?

10 - Anyone know how the US basketball team is doing? I've found it hard to care.

Enjoy the rest of the games guys! The dope-a-thon...uh I mean track and field is in the spotlight this next week.


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