Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Un-Patriot

I'm pressed for time today, but felt the need to say that I am feeling very un-patriotic. Of course I have gorged myself on the Olympics all weekend. Man, I LOVE this stuff! The swimming has been awesome and the volleyball yesterday had me screaming at the television. I'm weird like that, especially when it comes to sports.

Of course, I've been pulling for team USA in all events (though I do really like Ian Thorpe), except today. Right now the US basketball team is getting spanked by Puerto Rico. They're down 20 points after the half. I'm getting this odd sense of satisfaction in that. I can't stand USA basketball and perhaps that's an extension of my dislike of professional (NBA) basketball in general. They're a bunch of pampered thugs with huge endorsement contracts. Perhaps it's because the stupid sport preempts my beloved hockey every year? I don't know.

The cocky bastages thought the Olympics was a joke. They acted like it was a cake walk and they were going to steam roll through everyone. HA! They've lost once already I believe and are about to cake walk themselves right out of medal contention. I'm just really enjoying watching Iverson and Co. get schooled. It just shows that you can't throw a bunch of egotistical "stars" together and expect them to play like a team. It *IS* a team sport, after all. I say bring back the amateurs and let the team consist of college ball players. They're a lot more exciting to watch anyway.


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