Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh Happy Day

Despite the oppressive humidity today, this is the outfit The Little One chose for the first day of school. She was so excited that she slept in her clothes. I swear she was wearing pajamas when I put her to bed. What you can't see in the picture is the rip in the back of the tights. Apparently that's "cool." Silly me, I always throw away pantyhose and tights when they run. She's in a mobile classroom this year and those tend to be hot in the spring and waning days of summer. I'm guessing the tights will be a short lived fad, at least until winter.

#1 Son chose a t-shirt with the message "I didn't lose my mind, I sold it on eBay" for his first day attire. No sense setting the expectations of the teachers too high.

After dropping The Princess off at her classroom, I stopped in my local store for a pack of smokes. The clerk commented that she had not seen so many deliriously happy Mothers since last fall. I guess the huge grin gave me away. I think they should make the first day of school a holiday for parents. The mom of one of The Princess' classmates and I were teasing the girls last week. We told them how parents all take the first day of school off and have a huge party. This year we're having Avril Lavigne provide the music. They didn't buy it. They might have last year.

After all these years I have perfected my "Going Back to School Happy Dance." It's sort of a little two-step combined with the Twist. I do it while accompanying myself with a little song that goes, "You're going back to school, woo hoo, woo hoo, going back to school, yee haa." I change the tune each time I sing it, but the effect is the same. They're used to it by now, though. The only reaction I get is a rolling of the eyes coupled with a "Mom, cut it out. You're embarrassing." Excellent. My work here is done.



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