Thursday, November 18, 2004

I Love YOU More

For as long as I can remember the kids and I have had this running dialog. It starts with a random "I love you," followed by an "I love you" back. It progresses to "I love you more" and "No, I love you more." Finally it goes to "Well, I've loved you longer" and "No, I've loved you longer." To give you the full flavor, it goes something like this:

Kid: I love you
Me: I love YOU
(Repeat a couple of times)
Kid: I love you more
Me: No, I love YOU more
(Repeat a couple more times)
Both: I love you more, I love you more, love you, love you,loveyouloveyouloveyou
Me: I've loved you longer
Kid: No way, I've loved you longer
Me: Not possible, I've loved you since you were a little punk the size of a grain of rice in my tummy and you didn't even know who I was!

You get the picture. Over the last couple of months The Little One has presented a counter argument to my "closer." You see, she has to have the last word on everything. She now tries to end it with, "No, I remember I was with God in heaven when we picked you out." OK, cute, I'll give her that one. Today I thought of a way to counter her yet again.

Me: You picked ME? What were YOU thinking?
The Little One: I looked down at you and said, "She's crazy enough for me, that's the one I want!"

She's got a point.


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