Saturday, June 09, 2007

Found An Old Post

See, I was thinking about you guys during my posting drought. I was cleaning out some folders on my computer and found this one from last fall. It's still in rough draft form, and hey, I'm too lazy to edit it today. Please forgive the obvious errors.

Wits End

To Anyone Who Has Left a Legitimate Voicemail On My Phone In the Last Two Weeks:

Please forgive my failure to return your call. The mid-term election next week has thrown a wrench into my life. Apparently I live in an “important swing state,” according to the media. They say the race between the Democrat and the Republican candidate is too close to call. This means that my phone line, the line that I PAY FOR, has been hijacked by any and every political organization that has ever existed. It is no longer safe to answer my own phone.

To illustrate my pain and frustration for those of you who do not live in VA, TN and that other state with a close race, I give you a recap of my phone messages from the past week:

Monday – 3 calls that did not register with my caller ID. According to my machine, I missed 1 telemarketer and 2 political messages. It’s a damned shame that the politicians don’t realize that I am now so pissed that I am planning to vote for the candidate that pisses me off the least – ie. The one who doesn’t call me/write me, etc. every 2 seconds.

Tuesday – 5 voicemails (since I was not home): 1 hang-up (no doubt a friend of one of the kids with no manners), 1 Soccer Mom with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (I handle the hotel reservations for the Princess’ team and one Mom requires a lot of handholding), and 3 political messages.

Wednesday - I was home, but 2 messages hit the machine in the 30 minutes that I was out picking up the kids from school. Both were from local political candidates. Later in the evening I received 2 additional calls from “concerned citizen groups” urging me to vote their way.

Thursday – Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more annoying, there were 3 messages on my machine from politicians who urged me to vote their way. Instead, I am wishing that they all develop hives.

Friday – I am wondering if anyone in charge of a campaign realizes how aggravating these “vote for him/her” calls are.

I’m turning off the phone. I'll talk to you after Tuesday.


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