Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mexican Standoff

It could have been a scene out of an old black and white Western.

Picture two sworn enemies on the dry western plain with tumbleweeds blowing at their feet. Poised about 20 feet apart, each hombre glares at the other with their weapons drawn and legs spread slightly apart ready to spring into action. No words escape their mouths. The seconds tick by. The crowd stares in anticipation.

Yeah, that could have been the scene except for the fact that it happened tonight in our living room. The two hombres are The Middle One and #1 Son (ages 12 and 15 respectively). Their weapon of choice was a cordless telephone. Tumbleweeds? Nope, just clumps of dog hair rolling across the hardwood floor. Oh yeah, the "crowd" would be none other than myself and C. The "sworn enemies" part? (Sigh) Yes, unfortunately that was real.

You see, after dinner this evening, both of my "sweet babies" decided that they NEEDED to use the phone. Immediately. Thanks to the beauty of a cable modem, we only have one phone line into and out of this house. Can you guess where this is going?

Both "sweet children" sprang from the dinner table, lunged for a phone and simultaneously hit the "talk" button. The phone line was open. No one could dial out. No one wanted to give in. They glared at each other. They menacingly waved their cordless phones at each other. Their eyes narrowed into intimidating glares (as my eyes rolled almost out of my head).

They were at a standoff.

You know, parents see their kids as many different things. For some, kids are a gift from a higher power (I tend to believe that on my better days - other days I believe He might be cursing me). For others, kids force them to mature into an adult, whether they want to grow there or not. Their kids ground them. Still others, unfortunately, see their children as a burden.

Personally, I see my kids as an endless source of entertainment. It's cheaper than cable.


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