Monday, January 22, 2007

Holding My Tongue (AKA Trying Not To Laugh Out Loud)

OK, first I must tell you that I ADORE my sister-in-law. My brother-in-law, not so much.

They are expecting. I am THRILLED, as my Sis-in-law is going to be a TERRIFIC mother! She's had a lot of practice with a niece and of course my BIL. She is a doll with The Baby, #1 Son and The Middle One (the artist formally known as The Little One). But bless her heart, she is a bit jaded. You see, she has been raising my BIL for several years. He is not, unfortunately, the typical baby. As a matter of fact, we have been told by BIL that they do NOT want hand-me-downs for their latest edition.

Eventually I stopped laughing. Sort of. My MIL reminded me that this was their first kid and thus it was "all new" to them. Yeah. OK.

As I was folding 12 month sizes into a box, I couldn't help chuckling. You see, I am willing to bet our next house payment that there will be a point in the very near future that my in-laws will actually beg for The Baby's hand-me-downs. This point will occur about the first time my precious little niece or nephew barfs on his 5th onesie of the day after his or her 3rd diaper blow-out.

Ah yes, my friends. Reality hurts.


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