Sunday, June 17, 2007

Organizing My Organization

There I sat on the sofa, surrounded by my "To Do" list, my monthly planner, the Dry Erase calendar that lives on the fridge and several different colored dry erase markers and highlighters. I go through this ritual every so often, though it usually ends up being an exercise in futility. That doesn't stop me from at least trying to bring some order to the chaos that is my life. There is probably a better way to get everyone where they need to go when they need to get there, but if there is, I can't figure out how to make it work. C. gets to observe this ridiculous ritual, and he always shakes his head (whether in pity, disbelief or amazement I do not know.)

C - Aren't these kids old enough to keep track of their own stuff?

Me - Are you kidding me?

C - Well at what point do they become mature enough to keep track of their own schedule?

Me - When is your next Dentist's appointment?

C - ...

Case closed.


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