Monday, June 14, 2004

Reality Bites

I wish it was possible to do a broad search of all weblog sites for the word "reality." I just know that there would be something like a bazillion hits. Some them, of course, would be semi-deep crap about the reality of life, but I bet most of them would be rants about reality TV. It's the trainwreck of this century. No one actually admits that they watch reality shows, but they must. If the ratings weren't there, the networks wouldn't keep formulating the ideas only to put this junk on MY television.

I must admit that I am on the fringe of this phenomenon. I must ask: where have all the good reality shows gone? As I type this, "The Next Action Star" is on in the background. It sucks. All these shows do now. Unfortunately, there's nothing else on tonight. I jumped on the reality bandwagon late. I have never watched Survivor...a fact that I can still claim today. There have been a couple of shows, however, that have captured my fancy.

I LOVED "The Restaurant". I can't imagine that anyone who has actually worked in food service at some point in their lives wasn't at least a little bit hooked (at least those who actually tuned in). Restaurants are fascinating little worlds that have a life of their own. It makes for great TV. I waited tables back in the mid-90s, so I can speak from experience. My only regret is that weblogs were not a popular trend back then. Oh the stories I could have told! It was crazy. The soap opera was worse than anything one sees on daytime soaps. Fast forward to 2004 and I can candidly state that I was semi-addicted to Rocco & Co., during the first season anyway. After the first season, it just got stupid and Rocco got fat (am I the only one who noticed Rocco might have had too many of Mamma's meatballs?). The producers of that show made a mistake when they focused on the fight between Rocco and his partner. They should have continued to follow the staff more closely. That's where the real action is anyway. Sex, lies and videotape. It would have been a winner.

I also made it a point to watch "Last Comic Standing," though the jury's still out on the second season. I was bummed when the big guy lost (what was his name? Howie, Hughie? Something like that - if you watched it, you know who I'm talking about. Who the hell is Dat Phan anyway??). I even managed to pick up the phone to vote for said big guy. Of course, I couldn't get through (who ever does?), but it was a sign that I at least gave a crap. I'm not sure if I am crazy about this new batch of starving comics yet, but I am certain of one thing: watching this show does guarantee a few laughs.

The third on my list of reality TV WAS "Average Joe." That's one show that I can honestly say I made a point to watch. There's something incredibly satisfying about watching a complete moron of a woman (albeit, a gorgeous one) making a fool of herself and revealing what Average Joes and Janes have always known: that most "babes" ARE as shallow as we all originally thought. I thought Malena (or however one spells it) showed not only her true motivation but her IQ when she chose the pretty boy. I must admit though, that I was convinced she'd pick Adam for the money. Stupid babes like Malena are usually all OVER the money. It was less of a shock when the 2nd chick (can't even remember her name now - guess her 15 minutes are over) picked a pretty boy as well. I have to say that I cheered upon learning that said pretty boy broke up with her because she once dated Fabio. HUH?! Fabio for cryin' out loud!?! It wasn't even someone hot like Tom Cruise (sorry - I AM a fan of the 80s). Besides, who the hell breaks up with someone because they once dated someone else anyway? Unless, of course, the someone else was a porn star and you were concerned about STDs. Long story short, I was dismayed when Adam let me down. He should have listened to his Momma. Momma almost always knows best. His first clue should have been when his "chosen one" (can't remember her name either - she had less than 15 minutes) stated her hobby as shopping. HELLO McFly? Average Looking Millionaire + Somewhat Cute Shopaholic = ...well you do the math.

Has the reality trend run it's course and the networks just haven't figured it out yet? I swear, if I see one more promo for "The Bachelor" - ANY bachelor - I will most certainly barf. I didn't watch the first one - heck, I haven't watched any of them. Apparently I am in the minority. The tabloids act so shocked when one of these made for TV romances breaks up. Was it really such a surprise? Do I care? I made absolutely NO attempt to watch the Trista-Ryan wedding. Why do I even know that it happened? Because my People magazine (guilty as charged - I enjoy reading utter trash when I am not reading material for school) was full of it for weeks. But hey, can you blame Trista & Ryan? I suppose if I was offered the wedding of my dreams - to hell with the cost - and more importantly a honeymoon that I would never be able to afford otherwise...well maybe I'd make the same choice Trista did. I highly doubt it, but one never knows until they are confronted with a similar situation.

I think I'll stick with "er". That's WAY more real than "reality" TV. :P

PS - Still no word on the Backyard Makeover Contest. I don't even know when it ends. I have, however, taken more crap from my friends than I would EVER tolerate over this thing. Perhaps that's why they are taking advantage of the situation and getting their shots in while they can.


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