Friday, October 08, 2004


I am the meanest mother in the world. I know this to be true because my children told me so. Here is a list of sins I have committed against them this week:

Forcing #1 Son to attend his sister's soccer tournament (I am not stupid enough to leave a 12 year old boy home alone for an entire day, especially one who is grounded)

Telling The Little One to get off the phone until her room was cleaned and forbidding the caller to call back that day (said friend had called FOUR times in an hour span asking if she was "finished cleaning her room yet")

Refusing to go to the store before soccer practice for Gatorade (we have perfectly fine water here and all she really wanted was a jumbo sugar laden Rice Crispy Treat)

Finally Yelling at The Little One to pick up her shoes/socks/underwear/backpack/pajamas from the floor (for the FIFTH time that day)

Making The Little One turn off the television to do her homework while Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends was on (it's on TiVo, she can watch it any time)

Not allowing #1 Son to walk home from school with his best friend (they play on the way home and he is, again, grounded)

Being 10 minutes late to pick them up from school (#1 Son's teacher had called as I was walking out the door to tell me about his talking problem and to "give me a heads up" about his dismal grade that I was going to see on his progress report)

Forcing The Little One to try numerous foods she's "not into" (what's new?)

Threatening to throw away a pack of Neo-Pets cards/colored pencils/Hamtaro figures/Gameboy games/etc. (that have been strewn all over the den for days)

Badgering #1 Son to create folders and notebooks for each of his classes AND making him show them to me (to hold the papers and notes that were strewn all over his room being crunched and stepped on with no hope of being located in the off chance that the teacher might want to go crazy and give a test)

I'm sure there are other horrible things that I have done to them this week that don't instantly come to mind. But I'm tired. It's been a long week. My work here is done.


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