Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Boy has my fuse been short today. I'm not sure why I've been so antsy. PMS maybe. I have a million things I need to get accomplished and yet I get further behind. Procrastination sucks. I'm good at it though, so I suppose that's something.

My business is suffering. I really need a recharge. Actually I just need to get off my butt and WORK it, which I haven't done in a few weeks. School has been brutal this last week and will continue to be for the next 10 or so days that I have left in this class. Of course, there are TONS of things I need to be doing here around the house, too. I am one of those people who sees the big huge picture and has trouble compartmentalizing to get things done. I will just have to push myself to accomplish things one step at a time.

The kids are driving me crazy today. I'm ready for school to start again. Oh...wait...it hasn't ended yet. They're in half days all week. Why do school systems do that? If they are supposed to be in class for X number of days, WHY are they spending this last week watching movies and goofing off? My tax dollars are paying for this right? I'm just bitter.

Still no word on the Ugliest Backyard Contest, though I continue to get harassed by my friends. It's to be expected I guess. They haven't even announced when the contest is going to end.

We still have not won the lottery.

The mutant half-tree still stands in my yard. The tree guys were backed up and can't come until tomorrow.

I've actually sold 3 items on eBay. Guess that makes me a mini-mogul of some type. I can't imagine how these people who do this for a living manage it all. I'm just trying to get rid of some of the clutter before the house is condemned.



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