Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Phish Preaks

Keeping the little list of things I hope someday to write about has really been helpful. In fact I am amazed about all the stuff I noted. One would think we were gone for days instead of one long weekend. I find it interesting that I am looking at life a bit differently since I've started this little journal and become addicted to so many other writers. I wonder if others view life in terms of "this would make a great blog entry?" Perhaps statistics have been compiled somewhere. I think it's weird, though. I was sitting here composing a post about the weekend trip with the news on in the background. Lo and behold, current events zing to the top of my post list (to be used when I really want to write but have no fargin clue what to write about). Sometimes life is so stupid that I cannot resist the urge to comment. I feel like a retread of Seinfeld sometimes. That being said...

Apparently there was a Phish concert near my home this weekend and it's all over the news. Someone died, though they don't know exactly why yet. There was lots of footage of people toking it up, which is to be expected. It was, afterall, a Phish concert and I do live in the Bible belt. My favorite story from the concert aftermath though, is this loser who got busted for selling beer in the parking lot. There was great footage of him complaining about how unfair it was. He was issued a ticket and faces a $400 fine for selling two beers to someone. His reasoning is that he was in our state spending money and he was just trying to help someone else out. It wasn't like he needed the money or anything. Huh??!? Excuse me?

First - you have to be a total moron to enter my state and do something so stupid and THEN whine about it when you get caught. Remember friends, I don't make the laws and I may not agree with them, but they ARE laws afterall. I bet almost any brain cell challenged person knows not to screw around HERE. We have beverage control laws and an agency that enforces them rabidly. What a brain surgeon this guy is, puka beads and all. Second - he was "helping" someone? Give me a break. If it were me, I would just GIVE the beer away. Giving is helping. How the heck can you charge someone in a parking lot for two measly beers and claim philanthropic motives?

This guy deserves to be on that beatdown blog.



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