Tuesday, August 10, 2004

No Room at the Inn

Why is it that you always need a vacation AFTER your vacation no matter how short or wonderful the trip was? We had a great trip, though a brief one. Friday night was an interesting one. We left later than planned - no big surprise there. I am the Queen of Procrastination. The plan was to drive about half way, then find a hotel room to crash in and make the rest of the trip, well rested, Saturday morning. All the better to view the gorgeous scenery.

After dinner that night we were feeling pretty good. C. suggested we stop for the room as planned. But hey, we were wide awake so I thought we'd be good driving into the state of our destination and stopping outside of the next major city. Perfect right? Less of a drive on Saturday morning (read that as we'd get to sleep in later, since I am NOT a morning person and sleep is one of my favorite activities). C. was cool with that and we continued on. What are the odds that we'd pick the the weekend of the biggest music festival in this state to look for a hotel room on the spur of the moment? Well, if you've read this blog before you'll know that the odds were pretty damned good. We stopped at no fewer than four exits over 70+ miles along our route, all with the same results. No vacancy.

Apparently 2am is the limit for me to drive. After 2 I get rather punchy and can't shake the giggles. Unfortunately we didn't discover this fact until about 2:30am. C. resumed driving duty in the parking lot of the sixth hotel we tried. His sense of humor wasn't as sharp as usual. I can't imagine why. Off we went with me in hysterics, complete with tears streaming down my face. It became clear that hysterical laughter is not only a bad condition to drive in, but it is also a bit annoying for the driver as well. Who knew?

We finally lucked out about 3:30am at a Super 8 sixty miles from our destination. We got to pay $89 for a double bed for about 5 hours. Knock it off - it wasn't THAT kind of night! Now C. is not one to say "I told you so," and he didn't on this occasion. But he mumbled it. I heard him. He should have been more assertive and not let me push him around to vary from the original plan. I was kind enough to point that out to him.



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