Tuesday, November 23, 2004


This is not the post I planned to write tonight. In fact, this is a post that I did not even want to write, but I am so livid I need to vent somewhere. Lucky you. I am SO OVER political correctness and the wussification it has caused. I am sick and tired of the public school system that coddles thugs who belong in jail. And I am infuriated by the system that ties the hands of school administrators so that they cannot act against juvenile delinquents for fear of being sued, or worse hurting little Johnny's feelings and making him feel like he's "bad."

The call came at 3:00pm this afternoon. It was #1 Son saying, "Mom, can you come up and get me? I've been hit again and I'm bleeding a little. I'm in the nurse's office." Was it not just a month ago that I received a call from #1 Son's gym teacher telling me he got attacked during a soccer game IN class? From what the school told me, my son kicked the ball and it hit another kid in the face down field. When my son apologized, the kid attacked him. The monster threw my son on the ground and jumped on him with his knees and elbows. And what, you ask, happened to that delinquent? Well see, that's a funny story. Seems it was his first day back in "mainstream" school. He was previously in a place called Madison, which is a "special" school for children with "behavior problems." His FIRST DAY back! At least he made it to the last class. His dean (they have deans in school now that handle all discipline issues - sheesh!) assured me that it would be dealt with, but steered me away from filing charges because this kid was a "special ed" kid. And WHY was he in special ed? Because he has "anger management issues." Excuse me?! What the heck is that? You would not believe the number of kids that are in an "anger management class." They have classes for this? This is what my tax dollars are paying for?!? What the heck do kids this age have to be angry about? I think for most it's a copout. But see, this kid is "special" because I guess his anger is worse than the others. SO, like a fool, I didn't press charges and let the school system handle it. He was suspended. For one day. And guess what? He lasted 3 days back in school before he punched a girl in the face. I hear she was briefly hospitalized. WHY IS THIS KID IN PUBLIC SCHOOL??? This isn't even a "bad" school. It's actually one of the best in the city. Lots of awards, accredited, etc.

Today's incident, believe it or not, was unrelated to the last fiasco. Today #1 Son was standing in his usual spot with his 3 friends waiting for their little siblings to be dismissed from the elementary school (the schools are next to each other). This gang of 5 morons were walking down the sidewalk when one of them ran up behind my kid and sucker-punched him in the face. #1 Son never saw it coming. Not only that, but my son does not know any of these kids. Apparently it was a random thing. The thugs all thought it was funny and rook off laughing and running. They didn't count on a couple of men there to pick up their kids running them down. Well, 3 of the thugs anyway. The security guards were "scrambled" from the Middle school and got there in time to pick up the three who were trying to slither away up the street. Unfortunately the "hitter" wasn't among them.

Once I got to the school, not too freaked out mind you because #1 sounded OK on the phone - he didn't want to upset me - I took one look at him and asked if the police had been called. The reply was "we were waiting for you, is that what you want to do?" I said absolutely. Luckily, the school nurse had cleaned him up quite a bit. There must have been quite a lot of blood and she was concerned about upsetting me, as was #1. That's probably a good thing. Mamma hunting down punk kid and going to jail would be bad. SO we filed a police report. Luckily there were several witnesses who wrote statements. The school is handling it on their end, and the kid will most probably be suspended. But I'm not done. Oh no...Mamma's just getting started. I have to go down tomorrow and file a "petition" against this kid. So now he will be in the court system, if he isn't already. His parents will be subpoenaed (GOOD!) and we'll all have to take the day off to testify. And I'm looking forward to it.

I did stop to worry about retaliation to #1, but it sounds like pressing charges is the only way to protect him. As one of the security guards told me, some of these kids only understand "street law." They know a petition is serious. The danger lies in NOT filing because then they are free to try to intimidate #1 Son into keeping quiet and refusing to file. It's not going to go down like that. Not this time, not this Mom.

I ask you, why is it that violent kids are allowed to stay in public schools? Why can't I send my kid to the local Middle School everyday and know he is safe? What the heck is wrong with parents these days who allow their children to get so out of control? That's right, I said parents. Because that is where the responsibility ultimately lies. I don't know what the answer is. I really don't. I do know that C. tells a story of when he was in nursery school in Bowling Green, Ohio. He was a wild child then and a teacher had to take the belt to him. The BELT! Can you imagine if that happened now? They'd arrest the teacher. Know what it did for C.? It straightened his butt right out. He's a college graduate and a contributing member of society. "Anger management classes" aren't cutting it. A slap on the wrist suspension (where they get to stay home and probably play video games) is not the answer. I say bring back the belt.

Oh I know that the belt is a fantasy in our PC, no child left behind world. Do you know what I really want? I want the school voucher program to be passed. If the PC world allows hoodlums to roam freely in our public schools, I deserve the right to send my kids to a private school. But you see, I can't exactly afford a private school on what we bring home now. If I got a tax credit I could. Why the heck should I continue to have to pay for public school when they can't protect my kid? School is no longer a matter of going to learn. If you doubt me, I dare you to spend a day - ONE day - in your local Middle School. Public school, even in the best of neighborhoods has become about survival. And it's total crap. Voucher programs get shot down by one political party here every time...EVERY TIME. I DARE any one of them to come tell me face to face that I don't deserve a tax break to send my kid where he is safe and has a chance to focus on learning. While I will still will work for adoptee rights - and I'll fight hard as usual - I think I've found a new political outlet.

So how was your day?

(Post Script: #1 Son had to go to the urgent care. I called his doctor (I'm documenting everything) and they suggested we go to the ER to get an x-ray just to be sure everything was OK. The urgent care has an x-ray machine minus the 4 hour wait. And hey, the insurance co-pay is the same. Nothing is cracked, though the doctor was surprised because my pretty boy's face is not so pretty right now. Both lips are fat and torn up. Inside is ugly. Thank God we haven't had the braces put back on yet. One is bruised (I've never seen a bruised lip before, so it's weird). He has a bruise on the side of his nose, a swollen nose and cheek (it's all cherry red, too) and it looks like he might have quite the shiner tomorrow. Don't feel too bad for him, though. This is becoming his badge of courage. The boys he's seen since the incident can't believe he didn't go down (he only staggered a bit) and no one can believe he didn't cry. All the girls are all over him "Poor #1 are you OK? Oh sweetie!" It's rather sickening. He's cool. But he'll be sore and bruised tomorrow.)


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