Thursday, December 23, 2004

A Gift For YOU

In the spirit of the Holiday, I'd like to give you a gift. I shopped for you, but you are really difficult to buy for. I love to read blogs. I figure if you are here, you love to read blogs, too. I can think of no more perfect gift for you than the blogs from my sidebar. I've tried to categorize them, but it's tough. So many belong in several categories, but they are all fantastic reads.

From The Heart
I call these "from the heart" because that's how they are written. Raw, passionate and often funny, these blogs are personal stories. I have become very attached to these bloggers, whether they like it or not:

Heather at Inside Heather's Head is thought provoking and often hysterically funny. I adore her. Inanna over at Anything Goes is a great read. Once you read a few posts, you will soon fall in love with the Nanner like I did. She tells it like it is, no holds barred. Be sure to check out my Good Twin Ang over at Cootersnap. We are the exact same age (she's older by a few hours, something I don't let her forget). She's another one who's life you'll get wrapped up in. My buddy Seth over at Crazy Lawsuit Game is a lot of fun. He knows tons about car racing and chemistry and everything in between! Read Seth for a while and I promise you'll learn something.

Irreverent is a good description of the Princess of Power at Don't Sneeze into the Fan. PoP has a fantastic sense of humor and a beautiful site. She's constantly changing things, so be sure to check back often. You can guess who writes Make Mine Mike, but what you don't know from the title is how funny Mikey is. He often brings a tear to my eye, usually because I'm laughing so much but also because there is the occasional post of a serious and touching nature. Mike is the undisputed "King of Comments," as he never fails to leave a funny one...ever.

Though Pua at The Abyss lives on the other side of the country from me, I am amazed at how much we have in common. She has a beautiful and very talented family. Keep your eye on her daughter, as she will no doubt end up famous someday and when you see her on TV or the big screen you can say, "I read her Mom's blog. I know that girl!" The Defiant Heart is a young man and an old soul. He is incredibly talented and is going places.

Sid at Tiny Little Rants of Doom writes about whatever comes to mind. Her Haiku will crack you up! Some of my favorite posts describe "burrito doom," stories about her job in a Mexican restaurant. No Milk Please is a fantastic read. He is into all kinds of topics and researches them fully. I love the additional links he provides that relate to his stories! I always feel a little smarter after I read Paul. They don't come any sweeter than Aimee at Random Aimee. She is such a doll! Talented (she sews like a pro – wedding dresses even!) and caring, I love catching up on her life. Torfeida lives in Australia and writes about her life at Similar To. I felt like I went through her last year of High School with her, now she's going on to college and I'm looking forward to those adventures! Trica at Wood Not Wood is another sweetheart. There are so many things to do on her site that you will never be bored!

Story Tellers
These bloggers are fantastic storytellers. I warn you now; you’ll be so hooked that you’ll spend hours in their archives. I know I did.

Read The Gooch On... just about everything. Every time I read Gooch I feel like I must have known this guy back in school. He's like an old friend. Trashman at Doing Time will amaze you. This guy has nine lives and has lived 8 of them. If you want to experience life on the "wild side," read Trash. In a fight, I want him on MY side!

Kristin over at The Society Page can tell a tale, as you would imagine from a Texan! Her entries are lengthy, but worth every word. Many times there is a moral to the story (always humorous), and be sure to check out her gift giving advice to men. Jack at Texas Music is an INCREDIBLE writer. He is an undercover policeman among other things. Each post is like reading something you'd see on television. Jack is incredibly funny and yet he touches your heart as well. You'll also be hooked on Vadergrrrl's Rant Page after only one read. I don't know anyone that puts more effort into her posts. She amazes me. She obviously researches everything, as there are pictures, song lyrics, etc. in almost every entry.

Put down the drink before checking these blogs out. If you don't, you'll make a mess of your keyboard. You have been warned!

If it's laugh out loud humor you want, you'll certainly find it at mr. nice guy. His wife is pregnant and he is chronicling each and every agonizing step from his point of view. If you don't laugh out loud on his site, you've got absolutely no sense of humor. Call Centre Confidential is another blog I've been reading for ages. Wrapstar writes about his adventures as a Supervisor in a call center and since I've worked in one I can tell you everything rings true! I feel like I'm back on the phones when I read him. Dr. Rob will definitely put a smile on your face. There's always something amusing going on in Dr. Rob's Day! Right now he's lamenting about his wife's fascination with Ikea.

Mommy Blogs
Sometimes people dread that label because many blogs written by Moms are filled with mundane daily events like "Johnny went poo poo." Not these ladies, though! It doesn't matter whether you have kids yourself or you were a kid once, you'll crack up at what you read on these blogs.

Liz certainly lives in This Full House. Nominated for a Best of Blogs (BoB) award, her beautiful site will have you laughing out loud. Reading Liz is like watching a sitcom! I am pretty convinced that Lab Munkay at Deep Thoughts of a Shallow Mind and I are the same person in parallel universes. We share the same parenting philosophy – live through it!

No Way to Categorize
I don't even know how to categorize Jay at Life is Killing Me 2.0, so I'm not going to try. This is another blog I have been reading for ages. Jay's posts are short and frequent, little bits of any and everything. This guy is a gaming and computer master. Look here for the inside scoop on games and technical issues. Jay doesn't miss much. Another fascinating read is Rocket Jones. Constantly changing, filled with content, Ted's blog is a must visit!

New Friends
These blogs I have recently started reading, but I am hooked already! I plan to spend some time over the holidays digging through their archives.

Jeanette at Jeanette's Journey is a doll! She shares my sense of humor. That might not be such a good thing for her! Mick at Mixed Bag of Musings is that rare breed – a "Daddy Blog!" He writes wonderful heart-felt posts. I always enjoy my time there. I am convinced that Annette, who writes More Than Words, and I are raising the same teenager. Lord help her.

Taking a Break
These bloggers haven't posted as much as usual. They're so good though, that they are worth the wait. And hey, life happens.

The Dave's dry sense of humor and sarcasm slay me. He writes Life Cubed about working in a "cube farm" (something I can relate to). He recently got laid off so hopefully once he steps away from the X-Box he'll be posting regularly again. Johnny 5 at A Year in Forever is a fantastic storyteller. He's in Maine, so I can only imagine he'll be snowed in soon with nothing to do but catch us up on his life! Joe at Musings of a Caffeinated Mind has been a busy guy as well. He posts some fantastic pictures and his Scenes From the Forklift posts and Analyze This series always get a laugh out of me.

There are so many others that I read regularly, but I haven't had time to update my links. Be sure to check out: Gemmak who blogs from Scotland; JamDaddy who always makes me laugh as does Big Gay Sam; and Meg at Just Add Water is a beautiful lady with a beautiful site. Of course there are all the members of our online Book Club. I read their blogs regularly and they are all fantastic! The list goes on and on.

Please enjoy these blogs. They have been a gift to me – a laugh when I really needed it, a cry when I needed it more and sometimes just a darned good read when I wanted a distraction from the crap around here.

Merry Christmas, a late Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, etc. from our house to yours!


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