Sunday, December 19, 2004

Things I Learned This Weekend

Watching an indoor soccer tournament ALL day is much more entertaining than sitting through the speeches at my graduation ceremony.

A child will get up much earlier than normal and will be in a good mood to make an 8am soccer game out of town.

That same child will be intolerably grumpy the next day.

I now know the exact level I have to scream before a child with headphones can hear me.

The quickest way to get some "alone time" is to threaten to clean out the game and craft closet.

It takes 2 solid days to clean out the game and craft closet.

We have multiple copies of several board games. All of them are missing the same piece.

#1 Son was apparently already my personal slave. Him: (in appropriate snotty voice) "So, what's my punishment going to be?" Me: "You my dear are my personal slave until further notice." Him: (under his breath) "Yeah, like I wasn't already." Who knew? Think of all the time I have lost.

The Little One will work her butt off trying to show up her brother, who is grounded and working because he is forced to as punishment.

I now know where all the missing dishes, glasses and silverware have gone.

We have some substance in this house that hardens into a permanent impenetrable mass when left in a glass under someone's bed.

The same mysterious substance is a different color on plates. And silverware.

I now know what that smell was.


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