Monday, December 13, 2004


My Dear Friends:

Many of you come here looking for amusing stories from the life of my nutty family. I know, I are laughing WITH me, not AT me (yeah right!). Unfortunately I am now smack dab in the middle of final exams. There is nothing even remotely humorous about finals. That is unless of course you find my major procrastination funny. I will on Wednesday night when it is over, and I will be drinking profusely in celebration. Until then, this is a difficult time of the year for me.

Instead, here is a bit of an update: NO, the Christmas decorations are not completely up yet. They are on the outside, so that's all that counts at this point. I'll take a flamethrower through here later in the week. The fake tree is up front in the window and the lights are on it. Whoopdie. I'll carefully place/sling the rest of that crap on the tree after finals.

In other news, you may remember when #1 Son got assaulted. I am excited to say that we got our subpoenas to court last week. The trial date for the little thug is Jan. 5th. I can't wait. Seems he switched schools and thus did not receive his ten day suspension. #1's school was happy to be rid of the kid. That not only angered me, it angered the cop who told me about it when he followed up. Seems that cops don't have all that PC privacy crap to worry about when the kid is a suspect in a crime. Mr. Policeman looked all this kid's records up with me on the phone. SO I do have the trial to look forward to.

Finally, let me give you a little glimpse into life tonight. C. is out of town on business so I knew I'd be on my own this week. Dinner was a gourmet delight (frozen pizza). My last huge research paper is due tomorrow, the day of the exam. I cannot even fathom the level of sadism a professor has to have to make the paper due the same day as the exam. I'm a procrastinator. I just finished it - and I can honestly say that it's the worst piece of horse puckey I have ever written. When the heck am I supposed to study for the exam for cryin' out loud? Luckily, the professors have 48 hours to get final grades posted after the final exam. I'm no math major, but that gives him at least 30 research papers AND final exams (all essay) to grade and record by Thursday. I'm hoping he'll just skim all the BS I am slinging in his direction. To say I'm a bit frazzled tonight would be an understatement.

I took a quick break to talk to C. after he got settled into his luxury hotel suite, after his real gourmet dinner, that he doesn't have to clean up from...Ahem. Anyway, when I came back in the kitchen there she was. The Princess of Wails was in the middle of one of her academy award deserving performances. Curled up in the middle of the kitchen floor in the fetal position bawling her eyeballs out. Something about the Prince making fun of her drawing, her slapping him, etc. etc. I noticed there was no blood so I did what any stressed out Mom on a deadline would have done. I stepped right over her three or four times to get where I needed to be. It almost made me misty by bringing me back to her toddler tantrum days when I ignored the drama on a regular basis. *sigh* Eventually she gave it up and moved on. See, crisis solved. I am the master.

I'll be back with you soon! Thanks for hanging with me!


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