Friday, December 10, 2004

Into the Danger Zone

Mock me if you must, but I am all atwitter. What has me all lathered up is certainly not Christmas or chocolate. Better! On Dec. 14th the new 2-disc Special Collector's Edition of Top Gun comes out on DVD! WOO HOO! I've been dancing around the house for three days, despite the two papers I still have to complete and my three finals early next week.

The family is starting to look at me funnier than usual. Apparently the charm of my "Tom Cruise Happy Dance" is wasted on these people. C. was "kind enough" to point out that I not only already own this movie on VHS, but I also happen to own it on DVD. My response? "SO?!" 5 HOURS of special features! I mean sheesh! This is the COLLECTOR'S EDITION for cryin' out loud. Do I complain about his Lord of the Rings obsession? I do not. Did I roll my eyes when he took a vacation day for each theater opening of that particular series? Well, OK...a little, but that doesn't actually contstitute complaining.

So next Tuesday, you know where to find me. I'll be locked in the den for seven hours of Top Gun bliss. If C. and the kids don't like it, tough noogies. They can forage for food on their own. I have a date with Maverick and Ice Man.


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