Saturday, November 27, 2004

FaLaLaLaLa LaLa La La

Ah yes. We went to pick the Prince & Princess of Wails up from my ex this evening. We surprised them by taking them to our local Cinema Cafe to see "Ladder 49." Man, what a great movie. A bit of cheese for sure, but well worth it. I had been wanting to see it and was so glad I did. The Little One and I bawled like babies. She has decided that we should only see movies at this place from now on. It occurred to me that with all the fun stuff we do, we had never managed to take them here for a movie. Go figure.

Of course as I said, we surprised them which basically means we wouldn't tell them where we were going. They always try to guess, but they're usually wrong. And as usual, it denigrates into some sort of fight between them. There's that sound we "missed" at Thanksgiving! We're feeling the love again.

Little One: Where are we going?
Mom: You'll see.
#1 Son: It's probably to dinner.
LO: /insert whiney voice: But I don't want to go. I'm not hungry.
#1: You are, too.
LO: /continue whiney voice: I am not. I hate that place anyway!
Mom: You don't even know where we're going!
LO: SO! I hate it. I'm not going to eat. You can't make me eat!
#1: You are too, you're just being a pain.
LO: You're the pain!
#1: Oh yeah? I'll show you pain.

Noel, Noel, Noel, Noooeeeell

If there is one thing I have learned as the parent of an early teen and tween, it's that the fear of public embarrassment by your parents goes a LONG way. Tonight I made a new threat. If they fight and get out of control in public, I will simply begin singing Christmas carols. Loudly. And off key. Their eyes got HUGE and I heard pleadings of " WOULDN'T!" Oh yes sweet child, I would. "Mom PLEASE, we won't fight." We'll see.

As we were in line before the movie, it started again.

Little One: Go AWAY retard! I want to talk to Mom.
#1 Son: Whatever. If it's so private wait until we get home.
LO: I WANT to talk to her NOW!
#1: Stop being a brat!
LO: You're a brat!
#1: Don't make me hurt you. I'll bash your skull in!
LO: I don't think so zit face!



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