Monday, May 08, 2006


Recently life has really kicked me in the tookus. There is baby crap and kid school crap and house crap and family crap and well, I've been up to my booty in the proverbial crap for some time and can't seem to get my act together (no surprise, right?). This blog has been on my mind though - a LOT! You see I have at least a zillion (give or take) posts started both on my computer and on scratch paper. I actually lay in bed some nights composing posts. They're good, too. Trust me (but then again, I drink). I finally got smart a couple of nights ago and put a pad of paper next to the bed so I could jump up and record my brilliance. In the morning however, I realized that I probably should have turned on the light before writing.

Anyhoo, I really do have some catch up posts to write. If you will indulge me one more night, I promise not to troll eBay again until I write something worthwhile. Wait. Was that out loud?! OUCH.

In the meantime, I am responding to previous comments as a post because I am really cheesy like that. Enjoy the fromage:

Nanner - Thank you for declaring The Baby as your favorite Easter Bunny so far. My only defense for those pictures is that my MIL does it to him. Hopefully someday he will remember that it was she and not I when he relates the experience on his shrink's couch.

Julie - I wish he was at your house, too, especially when he refuses to go to sleep.

Deanna - God makes them cute so we don't kill them.

Jeanette - See the response above (happy everything to you, too!)

Diana - You are too sweet! I will save this to show him someday when he is a teen who hates everything about himself (like my other son).

Esther - Back at ya Babycakes!

Moo Moo - You wouldn't say that if you saw him tonight covered in pureed peas.

JamDaddy - Lovey, my kids don't seem to grow actual hair until they pass their 2nd birthday. We have the pictures to prove it. Sadly, he still has way more hair than his Daddy!

Beth - Back at ya Babe! So did you survive tax season?

Little Miss - A migraine? NO! I hope you had good drugs to ride it out at least. I can't wait to catch up on your spring break adventure!

Liz - At some point weren't you supposed to be in my neck of the woods?

My Good Twin - Email me. Let's plan a trip this year. I promise I am not preggers.

Jerri Ann - I wish I had known you were getting rid of them. I would have made you an offer. As it is, my MIL buys them for the kid. Apparently they are great to chew on and then throw on the floor (based on his only interaction with them so far). The sad part is that I am sure they cost WAY more than his favorite toys, which happen to be boxes, paper towels, tissue boxes and stray diapers.

Nina - You are too kind! I will post more instead of spending money on eBay...really. I will. No. For real. I promise.

So there you go my friends. I have posted the ultimate cop out. Forgive me. Could I suck more? I don't think so.


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