Monday, February 27, 2006

Greetings from the Petri Dish

My friends, I can only hope that you will have patience for me. I know that I have not updated as usual. I have lots of excuses. Lame, though, I know. But they're legit! Bare with me! First, the Olympics have been on. If you know me, you know I am fascinated by the games. I don't miss many events. The past two weeks have been filled with Olympic glory and the agony of defeat. I am addicted to the drama. That's not the complete reason I haven't been posting, though it does bear some relevance.

The real truth behind my absence is the virulent virus that has rolled through my family. It never fails. One of my nasty children is bound to bring home some bug that the rest of us are not immune to. As the plague sweeps through the family, I not only have to take care of EVERYONE (including the baby who has no idea what is going on), but I end up with the scourge at least once, most of the time twice (I get it coming and going). I realize that I am not alone, but if you are still able to post clever blog updates, in between cleaning up after children with a stomach virus who are spewing out of both ends - WHILE you suffer from said evil virus yourself, then you are WAY more of a woman/man than me.

The Pediatrician said it was not the flu (we've all been vaccinated because of the baby's prematurity). Instead it is the rotavirus. She says it's going around like wild-fire and she's seen literally hundreds of cases. The rota virus. Wonderful. Do you know what this charmer is? Well, if you choose to do a little research I promise you that the transmission method alone will gross you out. After a rather frantic unscheduled spring wipe down/germ kill, I'm back. You may, though, wish to wash your hands after visiting. We have learned that the proper time to wash your hands is at LEAST 20 seconds, or roughly the time it takes to sing a verse of Old MacDonald's Farm. In true Catt family fashion, we don't sing about silly ducks, dogs, cows, chickens, etc. We try to liven things up a bit.

Does anyone know what sound a platypus makes?


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