Monday, January 30, 2006

Tongue Twister

It all started out very innocently, as most things do. It seems I have inadvertently taught #2 Son to stick out his tongue. It cracks me up. Unlike my other children, the baby still loves to please me and my hysterical laughter seems to be the reaction he was hoping for. Long story short, #2 Son now seems to think sticking out one's tongue is the preferred greeting among "big people." Now when the kid spots a family member, he thrusts out his tongue, his eyes sparkle and he awaits the proper response. You can see him thinking, "Yes people, I am here all week." Fortunately for the baby, none of us disappoint him. The more we laugh, the more he sticks out the tongue. I'm not exactly sure how I am going to explain this one to the grandparents, though it will be far easier than explaining his older brother's use of the f-word at 2 and his sister marching around chanting the word "sex" at 18 months. Don't ask.

#1 Son is rather appalled by the whole thing (though do not think he isn't right in there encouraging the kid to stick his tongue out with the rest of us). #1 has scolded me saying, "Mom, he's a baby, not a pet. Teaching him to do tricks is just WRONG."

Who the heck is he kidding? This is the same kid who helped me teach his baby sister "pitiful face." We would say, "Little One, make pitiful face," and she would strike the most exaggerated pitiful pout you have ever seen. It cracked us up. In fact, I set the precedent with #1 and his "Johnny Jumper." A butt sling strapped to bungee cord, suspended in an archway containing an active baby combined with dance music. If there is a better prescription for parental entertainment, I don't know what it is.

The point is that parents should be entitled to teach their offspring "tricks." What else do we have to live for?


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