Thursday, March 23, 2006

In the Confessional

Forgive me my Blog, for I have sinned against you yet again. I only get 6.72 free minutes to myself a day and instead of spending them here with you, staying out of trouble, I have been lured into the land of evil. Yes, once again I have gone to the dark-side that is eBay.

I know that I am jeopardizing my sanity, not to mention my bank account. And yes, I do feel guilty knowing that my trusting family thinks I am up here working on you and reading all of our blog friends. I am just having difficulty stopping myself this time. Oh sure, before the baby I was selling more than I was buying thus clearing the house of incredible amounts of clutter AND financing my latest eBay purchasing fetish. Is it my fault that now I only have a very small amount of spare time to spend on my beloved site? I can either choose to list and sell our crap or (shudder with glee) bid, Bid, BID and BUY! That's not even a choice.

Surely there will be some point when my bank account will no longer be able to finance these online flights of fancy - probably about in the next 3 minutes.

In the meantime, I've got to run. There's a lot containing hemp and Czech glass beads closing in 45 seconds. I don't want to get sniped! Nighty Nite!


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