Sunday, June 24, 2007

"and I saw this land a battlefield"

Friday afternoon I was scheduled to catch a flight to Baltimore for a volunteer gig. Since I was flying on a freebie pass (thanks P.!), I was at the mercy of airline scheduling. As the morning went on, it became apparent that I would not be able to get on a flight until late in the evening. Thus, I would not get to my hotel until long after 11pm, only to have to get up on Saturday at the buttcrack of dawn.

Of course, I made the most logical decision - Family ROADTRIP!! In the span of an hour, we were packed and on the road. Poor #1 Son was roused, showered, packed and travelling before he knew what hit him. It serves him right for sleeping until the crack of 1pm everyday.

My friends, I have been known to schedule a visit to a site of historical importance into every family trip. Due to the spontaneity this weekend, certain ingrates (I mean members of my family) voiced their "concern" that we might not be able to "see any boring stuff" this trip. Amazingly enough, The Princess was surprisingly enthusiastic about our last-minute trip.

Fortunately, our route on Friday had us passing by a civil war site that I had never visited - the Fredricksburg battlefield(s). How convenient! #1 Son (probably still in some deep REM-like state) was excited, and as we pulled into the parking lot asked, "Hey Mom, what are we going to see here?"

Without skipping a beat, The Princess replied, "DUH #1! It's just some stupid old field like always."

My friends, I give you...a "Stupid Field," like always.


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