Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Let the Games Begin!

I love the Olympics.  The competition, the fan fare and those great commercials.  I think my favorite thing about the games is the "athlete vignettes" - you know the ones.  The inspiring background story about the athlete's run for the gold.  Those are the best.  They've started already on commercials and even the news.   Watching the 11PM news a week or so ago, I caught one of those commercials.  Of course I got a warm fuzzy for the competitor.  Cut back to the news and what do I see?  A story about Marcus Vick, Michael's cousin.  They're big news since they're from the area. 

You're probably heard of the Vicks.  One is a famous NFL quarterback.  He was previously a famous NCAA quarterback at Tech.  So was Marcus.  The news?  He's finally been suspended for yet another arrest.  Drugs, rape...I'm not sure which one this time.  Seems old Marcus is multi-talented.  What IS it with these sports  "super stars?"  They get the world served to them on a platter and they screw it up.   O.J., Kobe Bryant, Mike Tyson, ad nauseum.  Why is it that you can take the kid off the streets, but can't always make them a law abiding citizen?  It seems that they think they are untouchable, that the law doesn't apply to them somehow.    That's what makes the stories of the Olympic athletes so inspiring.  They're not common criminals in uniform - at least not now.

In related news, my cousin and his family are in town this week.  His son (the 3rd child of 8 - yes EIGHT!  Who has 8 kids on purpose?  But I digress) is on a basketball team that won the Florida state championship.  So now they're playing in the National Championship.  137 teams, 1 week (it's a select travel league, so some states have more than one team representing them).  It's too cool.  These kids have worked their butts off.  I can't BELIEVE how good the game was that I saw today.  Amazing play.  Tall kids, too.  My cousin's son is 6'2"....oh yeah, and he's TWELVE!  This is the National tournament for teams 12 and under.  Seeing all the kids over 6' was frightening.   What are we feeding kids these days?  It must be all the crap we put in our food.    And here I thought #1 son was big.  I can only hope that these "little" kids (and at 12 they really are just kids, regardless of their talent) have parents who will beat them like a gong to instill some values and a little humility in them.  Lest they turn out like our buddies Marcus, Kobe and the rest of the sorry lot.  Marcus had the world by the proverbial cohones and how did he take advantage of it?  Would you like fries with that?




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