Thursday, July 01, 2004

Mutiny on the Bounty

I don't think Operation Clean Up is going so well. Yesterday was a case in point. #1 son actually did unload the dishwasher and take out the trash without a speech. Of course he was only sucking up so that he could go to the movies with his girlfriend (and her friends) to celebrate her birthday. 4 girls, 2 boys and her parents. It wasn't until after he was gone that I got a good look at his room. There was a floor there...once. It's OK, though. Turns out they ended up seeing a tween chick flick. Revenge is sweet.

The little one's accomplishment of the day was to open a store in her room. Her whole purpose was to rent things to her brother. She has blown through her report card money (thanks PaPa) and is searching for more. That kid can't keep money to save her life. You can see the scorch marks on her pockets where the dollars burn through. Why do chores around the house for guaranteed funds? Much more fun to spend the morning putting price tags on everything she owns then trying to badger her brother into "renting" her stuff. You'd think #1 son would be smarter than that, but hey - he did rent a CD from her 3 months ago for $1. Maybe he has the right idea. A buck's not bad for a CD, especially when she forgets that he has it. It's always been that way. #1 son was the kid who gave her a quarter (she called it "big monies" back then) to clean his trashed room when she was too little to know better. I guess he knows what he's doing. I put the store out of business though. We needed to focus.

Later the little one assured me she was cleaning her room. She then proceeded to come down to tell me she wants to be an Oompa Loompa. Obviously she spent the rest of her afternoon watching Willie Wonka.

Today was a wash, too. #1 son had an orthodontist appointment - there goes my cruise. Who am I kidding? There goes my next 3 cruises. Of course that meant the little one went to NaNa and PaPa's to eat crap and watch Sponge Bob or whatever she does while she's there.

Tomorrow we get serious.


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