Saturday, July 31, 2004

Little Lady

So I have spent this entire week entertaining quotes on the roof. I have done LOTS of research, to the point that I'm thinking about opening my own roofing company. I can talk about ridge vents, step flashing, drip edges and ice shields until your eyes glaze over. My obsession has become so bad that I now drive 10 miles under the speed limit in all residential neighborhoods to observe the roofs. No starter shingles? What were they thinking?! Dear Lord, they should have gone with closed valleys! Architectural shingles would have made a much better statement, ad nauseum. I need help. But I digress.

I have gotten about 10,000 quotes on the roof this week. OK, really only about 9 quotes. I had appointments with 15, but some didn't show up. The point of my diatribe tonight is those contractors who treated me like Barbie. Of course not in looks, was my gender that caused the problem. Here's how it goes: "Well, this is a really big decision. Don't you think you should have your husband here so that we can talk about it?"

HUH?!!?! Let's be real. C. is a busy person (doing a job that is beneath him, but he's supporting us while I'm in school). He doesn't have time to research the benefits of ridge venting, etc. He TRUSTS me to weed out the assholes. He respects my intelligence. This is why we work. So why is it that the contractors can't trust that? C. gets to pick the shingle color. He's good with that. I trust him. So to reiterate: He trusts me to take the research and weed out the bulls&#t and I trust his decorative sense. Where is the problem?

The best was Angel. He was by far the frontrunner yesterday. He was THOROUGH. He talked to me for about 20 minutes to find out what I was looking for. THEN he commented on how much I had done my homework. He spent over a half an hour actually on my roof measuring, inspecting, etc. He climbed into our attics, took pictures, etc. He did things no other contractor had done (ooooh... ahhhh). He took digital pictures of my water damage, he even printed them for me. He diagramed, he charted. I was in love with this man! He even had a sense of humor. At one point he said, " that space is so small that even this little Mexican can't fit there." He was my Dude. Until...he pulled...the "little lady" card.

Apparently his company (at least that was the song and dance he gave me) does not allow him to give a quote to the wife. The Hubby must be present. WHAT??!?! Just give me a friggin number Dude! C. had told Angel when he was here that he knew nothing about this stuff. Honestly C. doesn't care, why should he have to? SO what does Angel say when I told him C. was gone for at least 4 hours (he went to play golf with a friend, Lord help the squirrels!)? "We're in the roof business, not the divorce business." Huh? Kiss my big fat butt Angel. If you won't give me a quote, there are 9 more in front of you who fear me. Fear is good.

Just friggin give me a fair price for a 30 year architectural roof with a ridge vent, replace my existing flashing, reflash my chimneys, give me ice shield where I tell you to, close my valleys, use a drip edge on my hips, install a saddle flashing, step flash my garage roof and use a friggin starter shingle for cryin' put loud. How hard is that?



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