Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Singin' In The Rain

Gene Kelly ain't got nothin' on us.  This weekend it rained in the house in a whole new place.  Right in the livingroom.  Apparently it's now traveling down a beam and heading for the back of the house.  We've got enough buckets strategically placed around the room to make us look like a bad episode of  Green Acres.  I'm spending my week getting estimates for a new roof.  It's a crapshoot.  Anyway we go, it's going to be several thousand dollars.  It's just a matter of deciding who to give all of our money to.  Vacation?  What vacation?

So let's tally 2004 up just for fun.  New CV joints on the car we paid off, over 1 grand in tree work, new roof.  Oh yeah, said paid off car is now making these horrifying noises every time I put on the brakes and C.'s truck has needed brakes, shocks and who knows what else for months now.  For our next trick I am betting a sink hole opens up and tears the addition off the back of the house.  Or perhaps that weird burning smell we get occasionally in one of the closets is heralding a complete electrical rewiring job in our future.  The constant backing up of the sink upstairs is just begging for major plumbing work.  Maybe for grins and giggles the furnace will go right before the cold sets in.  And it's only the end of July.

This grown up responsibility crap really stinks.



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