Sunday, October 24, 2004

Odds and Ends

You know I have several posts in various stages of completion, none of which I feel like finishing tonight. Instead I figured I'd cop out and just give you a boring update of the weekend. If you're looking for a humorous anecdote, you probably want to move along. Only one hysterically funny incident happened - I laughed until I had tears running down my face, my stomach hurt and I had to run inside to pee, lest it run down my leg - but I think you had to be here.

We attended the Old Dominion University women's soccer game against Drexel Friday afternoon. The Little One was a ball girl and she was pretty psyched. It was a great game, if you were an ODU fan as they dominated and ended up with the 2-0 win. They were having a drawing for students, and as we walked by the table C. asked if I had gotten in it. I said "No, should I?" and was interuppted by some little witch saying in a snooty nasal twang, "Sorry, it's for STUDENTS only." That got my attention (and my bitch radar going). "Really?" I replied all dripping in stainless steel sweetness, "well I AM a student. Would you like to see my ID?" "Oh," she said, which sounded a bit like "ugh." I wanted to scream "Hey BITCH, my GPA's bigger than yours!" But no sense getting into a pissing contest worthy of the High School chess club.

After dropping the kids with their Dad (my ex was getting married this weekend - a separate post about my feelings about that might be in order. Not sure though - let me know what you think), C. and I were headed to a hockey game. Yee Haa! Since there is no NHL and we are in mourning (going through the stages - I'm moving out of denial and am now hitting anger), we attended the match up of our two favorite AHL teams. Our Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins were in town to play our Norfolk Admirals. GREAT game. The Pens finally got their first win of the season. It's hard to watch them play, as our loyalties are torn. So, we just scream for everything. And drink beer. The concessions are definitely better this year. 32oz. beer for $6.

We have started a little tradition of surprising each other for anniversary activities. The first year C. planned an amazing romantic evening that began with my now favorite restaurant. The second year we took a short cruise (we LOVE to cruise!). Last year I surprised him with a trip to Pittsburgh to stay at the William Penn Hotel (is it a 3 or 4 star?) and we saw his beloved Penguins defeat the Detroit Red Wings. It was fabulous. No hockey anniversary weekend this year - no hockey. So the AHL game will have to do. It was a blast - and a blast from our dating past - so we're happy. The coolest thing was that Marc Andre Fleury (the 1st round NHL draft pick last year) was the goalie in Friday's game and was ALSO the goalie in the Pens game we saw last year. We've now made a pact that around every anniversary we're going to see Fleury play, no matter where. I can only hope it's not for some local league team in Upper Saskatchewan or something.

Saturday was a gorgeous, though cool, fall day. There are a million things we could have gotten done, that we wanted to get done, that we just plain wanted to do. Instead we totally slacked off and met my in-laws for a craft fair and a long lunch. Great food. Fun company. By the time we got home, it was too late to hit the mountain bike trails, so we did what any self respecting food lovers would do. I spent 2 hours researching restaurants online and we went to dinner. Pitiful, yes?

After dinner we hit the local Blockbuster. C. & I watched "Man on Fire." Oh I love me some Denzel! The kids got home and it was off to bed. Today dawned much like last week - rainy and dreary. Such a good scrapbooking day, but alas The Little One had a game. At this level they play even in "inclement weather" as long as the fields can hold up. They played the #2 team in their division (they are #3). The only loss this team has had was to the #1 team, who is undefeated (they beat us the first game 3-1). The Little One's team lost 6-2, but she scored the 2 goals (amazing shots!), so it wasn't a total bad day for her. Her coach was happy, it's just that the weather got to some of her teammates a bit. Ah well...they'll be better in the next rain bath.

Then it was home and everyone into comfy sweats (after we stuck The Little One in a warm shower of course) for a movie. We watched "The Day After Tomorrow." Very cool movie. Excellent special effects. I was dissapointed that there weren't more special features on this DVD though. C. went off to play his hockey game. We called it "lummox day," which quite honestly are some of our favorites. Dinner was total laziness. Ramen noodles and cheese bread. Yummy. I had planned to make something better, but everyone wanted to just cuddle on the couch and watch movies I think our greatest accomplishment today was that The Little One and I did our fingernails. To hell with the clutter. We had a slow enjoyable day.

As referenced above, there was only one funny incident that I am pretty sure you won't find near as humorous as I did. Saturday I opened the car door to get the Entertainment book (dinner, remember?) and Casey plopped herself in the car. Now you see, Casey has the brains of an ice cube. She ALWAYS wants to ride in the car. Sometimes it means she'll end up at the beach. She LOVES the beach. Sometimes it means she'll end up at a park, or better yet the local dog park or some other fun place. Lots of times it means she'll end up at the vet, which she hates, but she chooses to repress those incidents. Either that or she has no long term memory (or short term either). I vote for the latter.

Anyhoo, Casey plants herself in the driver's seat and will not get out. Then it hit could see the exact moment in her vacant eyes. After viewing my brain dead senile pooch lean over and shove her head completely under the front of the driver's seat (getting stuck momentarily) and then jumping to the passenger seat for a replay, I used my amazing powers of motherly deduction to figure out that the kids have yet again shoved old cheeseburgers and fries under my car seats. Do you remember my post the last time they were forced to clean out the car? Well, if you do you've got a better memory than the kids do. It took C. and I both to fling open all 4 car doors and lunge for the dog. Said dog then jumped in the back seat and began her wolf imitation, lunging into the rear floorboards devouring anything in her path, old cheeseburgers and their paper wrappers, petrified fries, etc. No sooner would C. boot her out into the front seat and out the passenger door (as I closed it behind her), Casey would lunge into the backseat growling down everything in sight. She was like a ping-pong ball, all the while scarfing up everything, edible or not.

At this point I was laughing so hysterically that 2 neighbors came out to see what was going on. When we finally kicked her in the head enough to disengage her jaw from an old happy meal bag (complete with toy - how ugly would THAT be coming out?) and get her out of the car, I was doubled over in painful laughter. One look at the dog circling the car hoping for an entry point was enough to send me running for the bathroom. I'm pretty sure the neighbors are convinced we're nuts (not like they weren't already). It was HYSTERICAL , worthy of America's funniest home videos. If we only had the camera. I can imagine what the neighbors thought.

Then again...I guess you had to be there.


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