Monday, March 14, 2005

Dear Soccer Mom

Dear Soccer Mom in the Silver Mini-Van:

I understand that you were busy talking on your cell phone, but did you realize you blew through that 25 mph school zone doing at least 50? Did you also notice that you almost removed the back end of my car when you swerved around me to pass?

I can imagine you were slightly distracted by the small children in the back seat hurling objects at each other. Who knew that DVD of The Wiggles was not going to keep them occupied? I was rather impressed with your driving skill when you were able to avoid the road crew who had closed down the left lane. It takes a special kind of fearless to swerve back in front of me while simultaneously reaching for something in the front floorboard, or whatever you were doing. I think the skill I admire the most was your ability to slow to a crawl as I followed you on the entrance ramp to the highway. Most people think that ramp exists to allow drivers a place to accelerate to the speed of the traffic you are merging with. Silly people! We both know that the lane is only there to allow you to collect your thoughts before facing that scary, fast traffic like that tractor-trailer you pulled out in front of when you merged. I think the truck driver was probably just as amazed as I was that his brakes work that well. What a crazy noise, though!

Good luck dear Soccer Mom in the Silver Mini-Van. While I am amazed at your ability to drive, I don't think I'll be adding you to my carpool list anytime soon.



P.S. Be thankful that I do not own a firearm.


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