Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Toddler Fashions

It's getting warmer and thus people are losing the layers. As usual, the warmer weather brings out some "interesting" outfits. In the grocery store Monday, though, I was appalled. There was this little girl who was dressed in an outlandish outfit. There she was with a winter cap and scarf, pink and purple tank top, yellow shorts and patent leather tap shoes with no socks. What kind of a woman would let her child go out dressed like that?

Then I had a flashback. There was a time when The Little One had a "favorite outfit." She was about two and a half. Every single solitary day she insisted on wearing the same thing. She thought she looked like a Princess. The get up consisted of a Pull-Up, 4 strands of cheap Mardi-Gras beads, a tiara, a "Barbie Magic Wand," and dark blue rubber rain boots. I swear. We have pictures.

There was also the winter she turned three. Her outfit of choice at that time was a Mickey Mouse sundress. She had, of course, grown out of it the prior summer. No matter where I hid it, she found it and put it on. The one time I attempted to throw it away, she instinctively knew and dug it out of the bottom of the trash. By the time of the first snowfall I had finally given up. I let her wear the stupid thing as an undershirt as long as she wore something warm over top of it.

I had been quick to judge this poor woman in the grocery store today. Who was I to think badly of her? As we passed in the aisle, I gave her a knowing smile and a nod. She wearily smiled back. We are sisters.


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