Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Karmel is Going to Get You

My children have raised picking at each other to an art form. For as long as The Little One has been walking, they have had it in for one another. You may remember I've given you a few EXAMPLES in the past. A couple of years ago things got really bad with The Little One constantly pushing #1 Son's buttons. She became fond of snooping through his room, listening in on his phone calls and walking by him with a flick to his head or a stomp on his foot. We tried to tell her about a little thing called karma. She didn't buy it at first. Then one particular "flicking incident" ended with her running from him and promptly slamming her shin into the coffee table. #1 told her it was karma. Her reply to me was, MOM! Karmel got me!"

Karmel became a member of the family. He was everywhere we went. Eventually Karmel became the family joke. He was the one everyone blamed for breaking things or losing things when no one else fessed up. Karmel would get you when you weren't looking and he sometimes had a sense of humor. Open a two-liter and it explodes all over the place? That is Karmel getting you back for eating the last fruit roll-up. Did you bite your tongue? Karmel is repaying you for being a smart-mouth. When the computer crashes in the middle of a game, it's Karmel reminding you that you didn't finish your homework even though you swore you did. There is no end to Karmel's antics.

You have probably noticed that I wax poetic on this very blog about parenting and various moronic parents I have encountered. I have occasionally given advice, even though I haven't been asked. The recent Super Nanny posts come quickly to mind.

Last week we found out I am pregnant.

My friends, Karmel has kicked me squarely in the ass.


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