Thursday, December 15, 2005

From Ours to Yours

If you've been a reader here for any length of time (like a day), you know that I am "organizationally challenged." Well my friends, are you sitting down? I hope so because believe it or not, I have not only addressed ALL of my holiday cards, but I have also mailed them - with stamps and everything! And it is not even January!

It is a wonder that I actually completed this task. You see, this year I was DETERMINED to send out "picture cards" like all my sickeningly organized cousins and siblings do. I knew that with a new baby all the old farts in the family would be expecting it - "Catt just had a baby, wouldn't you think she'd at least send us a picture at Christmas?" *sigh*

My friends I ask you have ANY idea how difficult it is to take a picture of 3 children (one of whom is a baby who recently started to smile)? I have never in my life wanted to beat my head against a brick wall more. We took literally 63 pictures of the kids, all dressed up in coordinating outfits (let us not even discuss the fight that preceeded that) in front of the Christmas tree. We got some gorgeous shots of each of them - unfortunately not in the same picture. We finally settled on the "least bad" of the group. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when my MIL said, "why does the baby look so unhappy? Couldn't you have gotten him to smile?" Well gee, I don't know. You tell me. Here are some of the VERY BEST shots that didn't make the final cut:

This mug shot is available in your local post office. Beware the "Toys R Us Gang."

After several dismal shots, we had a wardrobe malfunction. It was embarassing, but luckily C. fixed it and we soldiered on.

No one is having fun and the boys are beyond bored. Honestly, I thought this was was funny and almost used it for our cards. I regret the decision not to use it.

*sigh* Why bother? Just shoot me.

No, the above is not the image we actually used. Our winner was a pretty decent shot of the two oldest ones. The baby looks constipated, but I deceided to go with it anyway. You see, I am smart enough to pick my battles. The oldest two can drive me to a migrane now. In contrast, the baby won't be able to complain about this for years. Welcome to the family Little One.


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