Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Twilight Years

C. - I was on the state employment website today. Guess what position is open as full time?

Me - The same one I do.

C. - Yeah, but it's for a Senior. Did you see the salary range?

Me - Yeah, it's (a co-worker's) job. She went to another Department. I do better as a wage employee anyway. I get paid mileage and travel, so it works out. Besides, I wouldn't want to be in the office when I wasn't teaching.

C. - You're right. The only reason you'd want to be full-time is for the benefits.

Me - Sure, like retirement and stuff.

C. - (with a laugh) You better think about that if you ever want to retire.

Me - What are you talking about? I already AM retired.

C. - ...


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