Sunday, August 01, 2004


My mother is one of the sweetest most caring people in the world. My mother will do anything for you. My mother worries about anything and everything, especially about you. My mother also can't hold her liquor very well. Last night she was introduced to Jagermeister for the first time. No not by me. I know better.

Perhaps you might wonder why I find this so friggin hysterical. Nana (as the kids call her) usually has a glass of wine at night. Not even the good stuff, mind you. Nana gets it in the jug. But she likes it, and honestly it's not that bad. If, by chance, Nana has more than one or two glasses, she quickly gets on one's nerves. After learning about Nana's new friend Jager, I had visions of my father diving off the 6th floor balcony to escape. This gave me the giggles, and no it had nothing to do with the amount of wine that I consumed last night either!

My mother is June Cleaver personified. She's the typical 50's housewife. Perfect in every way - the house is spotless, the family is taken care of, the bills are paid, etc. No wonder she drinks. I know my Dad was pissed that my uncle introduced her to Jager (I can't believe he'd even heard of it, much less drinks it!). She "liked the taste," which is what she says about the jug wine, too. I only hope that this was a one time thing, lest I find Dad clinging to the balcony railing sometime in the future.

Salut Nana!



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