Thursday, December 30, 2004

When In Rome

As you know, I have been subjected to all kinds of music courtesy of the Dueling Stereos Game (see the post below if you don't know how to play). This has got me thinking about the stupid names bands give themselves. For your enjoyment, I have compiled a list of some of my kids' recent favorites.

Linkin Park – Obviously public school grads with that spelling.
Jimmy Eats World – No doubt Jimmy is a teenager
Bowling for Soup – When crappy beer just won't do.
Switchfoot – Every parent of a toddler knows the potty dance.
Finger Eleven – I guess 10 was not enough.

Suddenly Led Zepplin doesn't sound so strange.

In other news, Dueling Stereos has become rather amusing for me. You see both kids have the same brand of stereo and a very thin wall between their rooms. Armed with their own remote, they are able to control the stereo of the opposing sibling. Instead of constantly turning their own music volume UP, they are now turning down or even OFF the music in the other room.

Karma is a wonderful thing.


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