Wednesday, November 30, 2005

And So It Begins

Can you believe that I received two, count them TWO, Christmas cards in the mail today? For cryin' out loud, it is not even December! This incident reminded me of the pledge I made last year to actually decorate my house, complete my shopping AND mail out my holiday cards all BEFORE December 24th. I realize that I am setting the bar awfully high, but as they say, "shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you’ll still end up in the stars" or some crap like that.

Of course I first cursed the two card senders for their organization skills. One of them even had the audacity to make their card BY HAND! Obviously this was a blatant attempt to rub my nose in past failures. This aunt just can't seem to get over my "Christmas themed Happy New Year" cards that arrived in March that one year. What a witch. Anyway, I decided that there was no better time than the present to begin my quest for holiday perfection.

I went to dig out my address book so that I could start making my holiday card list. When I finally found the stupid thing I noticed how out of date it is. After correcting a few addresses and adding in a couple of new ones from the scraps of paper and torn return address labels I had stuck in it, my hand cramped. There is a LOT more work needed to update this thing than I realized. I decided to pace myself and work on it later.

Perhaps it would be more fulfilling to work on the house. My show-off neighbor had her house lit up on Thanksgiving night. Certainly we will be able to get our lights up before the 24th this year if we start now. I set out to drag the boxes of lights out of the attic. Um, have you seen my attic? How the heck can I be expected to find anything in there? I'll just wait until this weekend when we can all sort out the mess as a family. C. and the kids just LOVE projects like this. No, really they do, sort of, OK not really, but tough cookies. It needs to be done and I cannot do it myself.

You would think that I was discouraged, but no. I still have shopping to do. I am not a big fan of lines and the crowds you find in the mall this time of year, so I prefer to make most of my purchases online. In years past I have ended up frantically trying to calculate shipping time to assure that the gift in question will actually arrive before the big day. Not this year, my friends! I'll just start my shopping IN NOVEMBER (never mind that this was the last day of the month) and skip all the hassle and stress of previous years. Upon logging on, I followed my normal routine. I checked my email, read my local newspaper online, checked out a few of my usual favorite websites, then decided to check here for comments. Of course I then had to surf the blogs of commenters, hit the sites on my blogroll and well the next thing I knew the baby was up from his nap, the kids were home from school, I had to make dinner, C. got home, we ate, the baby was hungry, and on and on and on. *sigh*

So today was a bust, but heck it is still NOVEMBER! I am not some super organized Holiday Nazi. I still have about 24 days. That is certainly plenty of time.


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