Thursday, June 28, 2007

Random Thoughts and Wine

Here is what is on my rather limited mind this weekend:

1) Conniving Witches - I have to deal with this incredibly nasty woman in my volunteer job with #1 Son's sports team. Every time I think of her immature attempts to undermine me at the meeting this week, I want to hunt her down, lunge for her throat, and scratch her eyeballs out take a deep breath, compose myself and decide to take the high road.

But I don't want to talk about that.

2) New Exercise Routines - I just picked up the NYC Ballet workout and book from eBay. I am really excited. HEY! Those of you that know me personally can KISS MY SOON TO BE FIRM AS A DANCER'S BUTT!

But I don't want to talk about that.

3) Ungrateful Kids - What am I, a clown? At what point did my job description include "entertainer?" You wake up at the crack of 2:00pm, unload one load from the dishwasher and declare, "this sucks, I'm not having any fun"?!?!! I'll be happy to show you some fun, Buddy.

But I don't want to talk about that either.

4) Wine - My friends, I love wine. In fact, I love many different wines (though I am not crazy about most reds - I will gladly accept suggestions). My latest favorite is a rather cheap (bonus!) Trebbiano. You sommeliers out there can refer to #2. A few months ago, someone who frequents my local wine outlet also took a liking to said cheap, but rather refreshing and tasty wine. I'm thinking of taping the following note to the EMPTY space where my wine used to be:

Dear Random Wino:

There are apparently only 4 bottles of our current favorite blend and brand ordered and stocked in our local store each week. Ideally that would equal 2 bottles for you, and two for me. For months we have made this silent system work. Why have you now decided to ruin a beautiful relationship?

Your recent selfish streak has upset the delicate balance we have worked so hard to create. Honestly, do you really need all that wine? Would it really kill you to leave a little for me every now and then?

At first I thought you stepped over the line because you were having a party or something. I can understand that. But recent events have proven that you are either incredibly greedy or you have a serious problem. You are now consuming way more wine than you did when we began our arrangement. I think, for your sake, that you should talk to someone.

Consider this an intervention.


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