Sunday, January 16, 2005

Before and After

NaNa's house circa 1995

I had a different post ready for today, but all of the wonderful reader comments on the last post made me focus on the huge change in my mother, post grandchildren. Here are a few incidents for your consideration:

The Organ
Rules for me: Do NOT bang on that organ! It is not a toy! And your hands better be clean young lady!
Rules for the kids: NaNa loves your music! Weeee! (As she danced around. See the picture and note the vigor with which they "played." For the record, their hands were NOT clean.)

Crayons, Markers and Other Writing Instruments:
Rules for Me: Young lady those belong on paper! Do NOT let me catch you drawing anywhere else, or you will be sorry!
Rules for the kids: He's so creative! (Yes, the kid actually colored on her kitchen FLOOR, and yes we have a picture of it that she took. I was going to post it, but I like the organ picture better)

Eating Food:
Rules for Me: I am NOT a short-order cook! You will eat what I make with the rest of the family and you WILL sit there until all of that broccoli is gone! (In a battle of wills I once sat at the table for 2 hours trying to feed the dog broccoli under the table. The stupid dog spit it out and got me busted. Dumb dog)
Rules for the Kids: Oh Honey, I'm sorry you don't like that! NaNa will make you some macaroni and cheese (or PBJ or whatever).

Rules for Me: No you CANNOT have any candy before dinner! You will fill up on that crap and be jumping around like a wild animal. Then you won't eat your supper.
Rules for the Kids: Of COURSE you can have some candy Sweetheart! I don't know why your mother is so strict about it. She used to eat it by the handfuls!

Jumping on the Bed:
Rules for Me: Do NOT let me catch you jumping on that bed! You will fall off and crack your head wide open and I do NOT have time to go to the hospital today!
Rules for the Kids: Don't jump on that bed, that one is too small. Let's go jump on NaNa and PaPa's bed, it's a king size!

As I look back, I have to admit that I have heard some her words come out of my mouth. It scares the crap out of me.

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