Monday, April 11, 2005

The Egg Hunt

And you thought this was a belated Easter post. Unfortunately, no.

The Little One is a bit obsessed with all small animals. She has been begging for a rabbit for over a year now and we have been successfully dodging that bullet. What we had not been aware of was her fondness for chickens, specifically baby chicks (we call them peeps).

Saturday we traveled a few hours north for a gathering with some very dear friends. We all congregated at L.'s house for a fabulous afternoon filled with good food and fellowship. L. and her husband live on a horse farm and they just happen to keep a few chickens around for fresh eggs. L. announced that no one was leaving without eggs, so of course I was thinking, "Yummy, fresh eggs!" The Little One, on the other hand, was thinking, "Yay! Peeps!" *sigh*

It took us most of the trip home to explain to The Little One that these were not fertilized eggs, they had been refrigerated and they would NOT hatch. Of course, she did not believe a word we said. I realized this when we made a quick stop at the local Blockbuster on the way to our house. #1 Son leaned over and whispered, "Mom, I just thought you should know that she snuck one of those eggs out of the carton and has been keeping it warm the whole way home. She thinks it's going to hatch." Lovely. We again went through the reproductive cycle of chickens trying to explain that this egg would NOT HATCH. It would only get rotten.

It was then that #1 Son dropped the bomb. "I guess that means you should make her give up the egg she snatched from the fridge. It's been hidden in her room for at least a month."

That, my friends, touched off the Great 2005 Egg Hunt, and it definitely explains the smell.


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