Friday, November 11, 2005

Sorry, Wrong Number

What is it with kids these days that feel they are entitled to a cell phone fresh out of the womb? Since when did it become a right, something that we are required to provide them for their survival? The number of teens and preteens with mobile phones is mind-boggling. I can name SEVERAL of my kids friends that carry their own phone. This, of course, makes my children covet these expensive little devices for their very own.

#1 Son has been bucking for his own phone since he was 11 or 12. Apparently I am severely depriving him by not allowing him to get connected. His arguments for having a cell have always amused me. The boy's reasoning ranges from the classical: "EVERYONE has one but me!" to the creative: "If I had my own cell phone you would always know where I am." That one is my favorite. As if I don't always know his whereabouts. Believe me he cannot escape me. I'm like the CIA.

His latest tactic is to point out how many of his friends are calling on their mobile phones. We hear lots of, "excuse me but I have to take this call from Johnny. He’s calling on HIS CELL PHONE." The kid has even resorted to programming his friends' cell numbers into our phone in a new "show Mom I'm the only kid in the world deprived of a cell phone" format. It looks something like this: Johnny CELL PHONE. My heart bleeds kid.

Secretly, I occasionally wonder if I am being too hard on him by sticking to the "no phone" rule. It is then that I will overhear one of his conversations with a connected friend. Most of the time they are either listening to music, or watching the same television show. Their only communication is the occasional, "that rocked!" etc. It is at that point that I feel sorry instead for the poor sap of a parent that actually fell for the "but you'll always know where I am" routine.

My kid will have a cell phone some day. That will be the day he has a job to pay for it. In the meantime, he can feel free to call Child Protective Services to report the abuse he is suffering. I will welcome their visit. The Social Workers and I will sit in #1 Son's room and surf the web on his computer or maybe play a quick Play Station game. If we're lucky, perhaps one of #1 Son's friends will call on his cell phone so we can check out the latest "My Chemical Romance" album.


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