Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Clarification and Addendum to VD Post Below

OK gang. I titled the post "VD is Imminent" purposefully. VD = Valentine's Day = Venereal Disease: potato = potatoe. Same thing. Chalk it up to my sick and twisted sense of humor.

Here are a couple of do NOT buy gifts to add to the list below. I meant to put them in the last post, but hey...I'm forgetful.

Adult Novelties - Stay away from these unless they are something you and your significant other have used and/or shopped for before. A huge toy accompanied by a leering grin might not be her idea of romantic if you've never discussed it.

Lingerie - If you have no idea what size she wears, buy something at least a size or two (or three) smaller than you THINK she MIGHT wear. Save the receipt. Better for her to think YOU think she's skinny than to buy a size 28. You will thank me later. This goes for any article of clothing.

Convenience Store Items - Under no circumstances should you haphazardly grab the first thing you see in the line at your local 7-11 while picking up your 12 pack of brewskies. She runs in there too, and she will know exactly where the last minute "thong rolled up to look like a rose" came from.


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