Thursday, April 21, 2005


It all started innocently enough. The kids and I were grocery shopping. Our cart was full of the ingredients we needed for the week's meals and we were getting close to the checkout. That is when it hit me.


Why I had this overwhelming NEED for those little chocolate gems, I cannot explain. I haven't actually eaten HoHos since I was in high school. No matter, I HAD to have them...IMMEDIATELY! Of course, we were not able to easily FIND the HoHos. Twice my children stopped me at the Little Debbie display. Please. Swiss Rolls are NOT HoHos! Explaining the intricacies of a pregnancy craving to children is almost impossible. They just don't get it. About the best I could do was:

HoHos! Must.have.HOSTESS.HoHos.

How hard could it be to find these things? Hostess is a major corporation for cryin' out loud. Hadn't my local store ever heard of Ding Dongs and Twinkies? Up and down the aisles we went looking for what apparently is the Holy Grail of junk food. The kids finally got the message on our third pass by the Little Debbie display when my eye began to twitch and I hissed, "NO! I want HOSTESS HoHos!"

In desperation, my wonderful son finally stopped a store employee to ask where the Hostess display was. Imagine - a young man asking for directions! I was so proud. And finally, there they were on the end of the cookie aisle. My beloved HoHos!

Of course, by the time we got home the craving had subsided. I was only able to eat three of them (ahem). It is a good thing, too. Those delectable little chocolate covered cakes with the oh so heavenly cream filling probably have 1,872 calories each. I hope this is not a trend.


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