Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Hell in a Hand Basket

What the heck has happened to Halloween? October 31st is one of my favorite holidays, second only to the kids' first day of school. What a bummer this one was. Halloween has turned into just another commercialized holiday. I actually saw orange icicle lights. What is up with THAT?! At least those people made an effort though. That is a lot more than I can say for children these days.

My own kids were a major disappointment. It is hard for me to believe we share any genetic material. They used to LOVE this holiday as much as I do, but now they are apparently "too cool." #1 Son went over to a friend's house to "help hand out candy." That is Teenage Boy Code for "play a video game." The Little One went Trick-or-Treating all right, but she ditched us to go around with her friends. According to the father that accompanied them, the girls started whining that they were tired after only a couple of streets and went home to listen to CDs. And what, you might wonder, did The Little One dress as this year? Did she top last year's costume? Not hardly. She went as a "punk rocker." PLEASE! She wore her regular clothes. The only difference was some eye makeup and blue hairspray. The sad part was I had a hard time telling her apart from her friends.

Despite being disappointed by my own children, I was at least looking forward to staying in with the baby last night and handing out candy. I couldn't wait to see what terrific costumes all the neighborhood kids came up with this year! I was dressed in my Pacifier With Feet costume (I'm getting really good at doing things one handed with a baby attached). The candy was strategically placed by the door. I was ready!

As it turned out, we only got about 12 kids this year. TWELVE! Where were the hoards of greedy little beggars from years past? Are they now too good for this holiday? When did Halloween become "uncool?" Do you have any idea how much candy I now have to eat? Rotten "cool" neighborhood kids. I should send their parents my dental bill.

(ED Note: C. and I actually got out to attend a costume party this past weekend - an annual event. Our friends get as jazzed about Halloween as we do. We went as Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Seuss' "The Cat in the Hat." Unfortunately I will NOT be posting pictures. My MIL (who graciously offered to baby-sit) took them and she cut off our heads (if you know my MIL, this will not surprise you). The effect just is not the same.)


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